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She was born in Turin in 1965. In 1980 she started working with her father Francesco Teodoro, a graphic designer. She then decided to specialise in illustrations for children.

For several years she concentrated on school books, looking after both graphics and advertising. From 1998 to 2018 she was a member of Anikibobo, a graphic design company which works with the most important Italian publishing houses for school books, with magazines and advertising companies. Meanwhile she followed her own path: she drew for the magazine “Il Diario.”


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Furthermore, she took part in group exhibitions and some international graphic competitions. She also followed workshops with world famous illustrators, held lessons in design in primary and secondary schools and a course in textile design at the IED in Turin.

Today she works alone using both traditional painting techniques (water colours being her favourite) and digital colouring techniques, paying particular attention to “palette colours.” 

She prefers digital colouring especially for text books and children’s stories.

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